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You’re trying to shed those extra pounds, but have you thought of enhancing your efforts with a hunger suppressant? While there are many synthetic options as well, it’s the natural options that will prove really effective and safe. With so many available, let’s review a few of them now.

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Hoodia Gordonii is particularly good in assisting weight loss and is one of the most popular natural appetite suppressants on the market. Many across centuries have benefited from it, but it is important to go for a completely natural version. Set your target weight loss to about one to five lbs a week and don’t worry about negative effects if your choice is fully natural.


What could be more natural and cost-effective than water? A glass right before your meal will considerably reduce the amount of food you’ll take in. Moreover, it assists your system in burning fat. You should aim to have at least 6-8 glasses per day and if you want a bonus, drink it ice cold! Research has shown that the body uses nearly 60 calories just to digest it because it is cold. Ice water anyone?


loss weight naturallySometimes referred to as the new Hoodia, pine nut oil supplements are increasing in popularity at a very fast rate. One of its components, the pinolenic acid, is known to influence certain hormones into producing an illusion of satiety that can stay for approximately 4 hours. Having a handful of pine nuts or a tablespoon of pine  nut oil is enough to significantly reduce your hunger. Since this is a natural remedy, you’re safe from side effects too.


For people who want to take it easy but still lose those extra pounds, green tea works wonders! Three to six cups daily are known to contribute to a burn-out of approximately seventy calories. Besides, it will increase the timeframe of your satiety when drunk immediately after having food. In case you find it difficult to drink so much tea, a supplement that promises the same effects is also available. It contains antioxidants that contribute greatly to improve your overall health. However, too much of it will raise the caffeine levels which might cause you to feel jittery. It is not recommended if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you have a heart, thyroid or kidney problem.


Caffeine has been identified to suppress the appetite although it is not for everyone. Having it after a meal will produce the desired results, but don’t forget to have it in reasonable amounts.


Available online, Appesat is a fairly new appetite suppressant and works through stimulating hunger sensors through its fibre complex that is obtained from seaweed. Its effectiveness results from its ability to give the brain the illusion of a full stomach, thus helping you eat less. This one is also not recommended if you are pregnant or breast feeding and it is advised that you consult with your doctor if you are already on other medication as it could react. So far it has only been shown to cause stomach upsets, which, considering its high fibre content, is quite normal.


To suppress your appetite, try including fibre in your meal, especially in the morning where it kick starts your metabolism to start burning fat immediately. Such foods have the property of giving you the impression of satiety thus preventing you to overeat. Since too much of it could cause stomach upsets, ensure you limit your consumption.

You have a large number of natural options to take the place of chemical tablets. As you can see, most don’t have any side effects and they still produce the same results. They will help you ward off the hunger you feel in between meals by giving you an illusion of satiety. Then you might want to give one of them a try. It might really be your ticket to success. This attempt could just be the solution you’re looking for!

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